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Its mid-October and the North American adventure season wrapped up since the first of the month. Our final trip of the season could not have been better. We were treated to the largest salmon run on the Chilko River in 98 years, fantastic weather and exceptional bear viewings at Chilko Lake. We watched sows and cubs at close range while our Bears & Whales trip the week prior witnessed a super-pod of more than 60 Orcas.

During the trips the guides are often asked what we do in the off season. Simply put, I would say “more of the same”

Ashley is updating photos on our Facebook site but hiking with Eddy and riding daily. Amy and Niels are surfing in Tofino (Amy cracked her head and got six stitches last week) while Niels was editing his Cotahuasi video. I prefer warmer water so I am working out details for an upcoming Ecuador surfing safari and a new Mexico mainland surf trip.

Mark and Penny are walking the dogs and tuning skis for this winter. Jorge is off climbing Kilimanjaro then paddling in Bhutan before heading to Futaleufu. Chef Cristian is eating at Burger King before heading to gym while Liam is driving a fleet of kayaks to the Baja before joining Brian and Ashley in Ecuador. Josslyn is in New York trying to be discovered by music agents while Chef Nicole is busy catching up with her crazy Frenchman, Jonathon, and shredding the valley’s single track on mountain bike.

The other reality is paperwork… lots and lots of paperwork. ( I do not know how you guys do it all year!). British Columbia was blessed with a new tax for adventure travel. Its called the HST which has thrown another wrench into doing business in BC. That’s another post altogether so don’t let me get me started…

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