We believe there is more to a classic Africa experience than the Big Five. ROAM has developed programs in Africa that give you an insider’s perspective to such a complex and enchanting continent. Our adventures are designed to touch on a variety of regions and activities while indulging in the breathtaking landscapes and the diverse and vibrant cultures.

Anyone can find a Kilimanjaro climb or Zambezi raft trip on the Internet, but it’s ROAM’s guides and people that will make your experience incredible. Our hosts share their lives and countries with you and are fierce promoters of wildlife and environmental conservation. ROAM’s African adventures weave an incredible tapestry of activity, adventure and unabashed luxury into a trip you will not soon forget.

We offer wildlife viewing in many shapes and forms – 4×4 safari vehicles, by foot, raft, kayak, canoe, air and even overnight tree-fort dwellings – where you are immersed completely. ¬†ROAM specializes in small tented camps and intimate lodgings offering lavish furnishings and great food but more importantly incredible wildlife and cultural opportunities.

Available Adventures