Canada – this humble nation of 34 million people is the second largest country in the world by landmass, smaller in size only to Russia. With more than 3.6-million square miles of landmass, and 151,485 miles of coastline, where, and how, does one begin a Canada adventure? Well, in British Columbia of course…


ROAM offers the most unique vacations in Canada with activities ranging from whitewater rafting, sea kayaking and multi-sport activities to hiking, paddle boarding and horseback riding. As locals, we offer our travellers well-planned expeditions with unprecedented access to pristine wilderness environments and to places no other adventure companies dare to venture.

ROAM has orchestrated first descents down some of Canada’s most untamed rivers, and we have also brewed up some peerless bravado on the luxury front. Some of our journeys through the heartlands of Western Canada are padded with pampering. Think five-star lodges, hot springs, naturalist-led wildlife tours, elegant meals with all the amenities and you won’t be disappointed.

Our itineraries veer from the norm, and include adventures that offer kayaking with grizzlies and orcas, rafting through glaciers, heli-hiking into remote basecamps, following caribou migrations, world-class fishing and scaling mountains and places that are so rare they have never been named.  ROAM’s Canadian adventures are all but out-of-this-world, with wild whitewater well into the early fall, and geography that includes everything from 15,000-foot peaks to monstrous old growth forest to icebergs and salt-water fjords-all in the same expedition.

Still not convinced? Watch a short video to get a sense of Why You Should Come to Canada with ROAM!

More than 70 percent of our guests have trusted us to take them to exotic locations worldwide more than three times and the rest come from referral. No matter where in the world we operate, we use top-notch, equipment, experienced and well-rounded guides who are personable and approachable, and of course, food and drink play a serious role, no matter how remote our dining location may be.


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