The catch-phrase “multisport” should be credited to our friends at Backroads who began to aggressively market the terminology in the mid-eighties. Sadly, it is used all too frequently as cruise line and hoteliers have weakened the namesake further by diluting the market with their concepts of “sport” activities clustered into this genre.

At ROAM our multisport trips are serious business and represent true adventure and fun. The activities that we have dovetailed together offer some of the best ways to experience a region while being physically active. Sure it’s true that the activity levels can vary dramaticallybut our small group sizes and high guide-to-guest ratios allow us to deliver experiences that are firing on all cylinders.

Whether you are camping, staying in one of our beautiful lodges or on our private boats, we have done the research to figure out the best adventures that will showcase each region and corridor we visit. Join us on a ROAM multisport and see why people keep returning year after year.

Available Adventures