Sea kayaking

Take it easy…on a sea kayaking adventure with ROAM

ROAM sea kayak tours allow outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to participate in this relaxing and engaging sport. Although you should be in reasonable physical condition, you do not have to be an athlete to enjoy one of our sea kayaking adventures. The techniques of paddling are relatively simple and easy to learn. The sea kayak is a welcome reprieve for hikers with weary knees and/or backs and opens up a new paddling realm for canoeists. All of ROAM’s sea kayaking trips are fully guided and have been designed for paddlers at every level of experience.

Whale Watching & Wildlife Viewing by Sea Kayak

The sea kayak is a low-impact, non-technical self propelled craft devised by the ancient Inuit peoples in the Arctic Ocean. Sea kayaks have evolved into stable, efficient and extremely sea worthy vehicles which makes wildlife observation excellent and totally unobtrusive.

Oceans play host to a multitude of marine life and allow us to silently explore the inaccessible coastal wilderness by sea kayak. ROAM also offers sea kayaking trips that explore North America’s interior lakes and waterways allowing us to paddle to places once thought to be inaccessible. Inland from the tidal waters of our coastal regions, ROAM offers tours on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Argentina as well as Chile. Here you can explore the national parks and wilderness areas from a unique perspective.

Interested in whale watching on your sea kayaking trip? Then consider sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez on our Baja Multi-sport. Our Route of the Sun Multi-sport in Ecuador has tremendous whale watching June through September. The Johnstone Strait, near beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada is internationally recognized as the best location to see Orcas in the wild, and nearly 300 of these killer whales return here each summer.

The warm waters and tropical paradise of Galapagos are beckoning any time of the year.

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