Unless you grew up surfing, it can be an intimidating sport to learn later in life. It’s challenging enough to time and catch a wave but when you add into the mix – crowded breaks, other less patient surfers and the pressure of learning a new sport – most people deter from trying. At ROAM we have eliminated all of the intimidation and make learning to surf fun.

Surfing is pure joy and should be available to everyone. ROAM’s surf safaris take you to the best waves but in remote locales so you can learn in peace. One of our exclusive breaks in western Ecuador is on private property you can only access at low tide. No crowds, not even a spectator!

Our instructors are local pro’s who still remember what is like to be a beginner and are so enthusiastic to be making a living teaching surfing. They’ll give you the fundamentals to progess quickly and will ensure you are in safe conditions relative to your abilities. For advanced surfers, ROAM will get you to places you cannot even imagine.

When it comes to surfing, ROAM gives you the break you deserve…and teaches you how to rip it up.

Available Adventures