Ashley Scanlan

Ashley Scanlan joined ROAM in 2007 and after working her away around the globe as a river guide and wrangler, she finally decided to call the Chilko home.   Formally trained in Adventure Tourism Business Operations and as a Wildlife/Environmental technician, Ashley partnered with Brian in 2010 and Bear Camp was born!  She is best known at ROAM for her infectious enthusiasm and kind-hearted approach to just about everything.


Brian McCutcheon

ROAM founder, Brian McCutcheon, has worked as an international guide since the early eighties. With experience ranging from first descents, golf pro, movie stunt man, product manager, ski instructor, marketing director to college instructor, Brian has a keen attention to detail and will ensure your trip is unique and great fun.  Guests have been quoted saying, “Brian treats you like a sibling from the moment you arrive for a trip – and that comes with all the caring (and joking) along with it”.

Jock Richardson

Nick-named, “Old Man River”, Jock was hired so Brian would have one guide older then he is!  Jock is a local boy who grew up in northern and coastal British Columbia with stops in Stewart and Haida Gwaii.  He dedicated his youth to climbing which eventually led to a love affair with rivers in the early 80’s.  He “cut his teeth ” on the Kicking Horse, Chilko, Chilcotin, Taseko, Babine, Tat-Alsek and Firth in the days of bucket boats.  The self-bailer, for you younger folks, came into fashion in 1981 as historically we used to bail the boats after each rapid while fighting off pterodactyls!…


Mandrise "Hippo" Ngoma

  Mandrise, a.k.a. Hippo, has been running ROAM’s Zambezi trips since the outset.  A legend in the Zimbabwe guiding community, Hippo has completed more that 2200 runs down the Batoka Gorge section of the Zambezi River.  Now that’s experience!  His most infamous river run was dropping ROAM founder, Brian McCutcheon, into the right side of rapid #5.  Brian is still with us today but the event added many grey hairs to his beard. All kidding aside, Mandrise was born in Malawi but has spent his adult life in Zimbabwe with his wife raising three boys.  An amazing story teller, singer,…

Tamarack Currie

Our in-house engineer and fly-fisher extraordinaire, Tamarack was born in the mountains of BC and packed up his engineering degree in his tackle box to join us at Bear Camp. Well versed in making the machine run smooth, Tamarack keeps the hot showers hot and the beer fridge cold on our off-the-grid property, making him one of our favourite people! How did we get an over-qualified engineer to a boutique camp in the wilderness? We just had to tell him about the trout!