For many, hiking is a dirty word and trekking involves more of it.

At ROAM we lump hiking and trekking into one category but it is as diverse as the places we travel. Our “treks” are for the most part, lodge-to-lodge adventures so you can explore the countryside by foot during the day (or horseback) and indulge in well deserved luxuries in the evenings.

In Peru, we utilize decadent boutique lodges built carefully into the surreal landscape. For Chile we use eco-domes and safari-style tents, complete with showers, fireplaces and cozy beds. On the west coast of Canada, we use intertidal chalets and have helicopters whisk us to places unimaginable.

Land-based explorations and hikes are an equal part of our expeditions. A variety of options are always available depending on abilities and fitness levels. Hikes can range from a meandering nature talk to full-blown adventures that challenege even the most intrepid adventurers – the choice is yours.

Available Adventures