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Ashley Scanlan

Ashley has a background in ecology and tourism, and had been working her way around the globe guiding whitewater rafting expeditions, mountain treks, horseback trips, and ocean kayaking tours when in 2007, she got swept off her feet by the power and beauty of the Chilcotin wilderness in BC.  The vast and varied landscape, the pristine environment and abundant wildlife pulled at her heart-strings and this nomad set down some roots.  Ashley partnered with ROAM Adventures founder Brian McCutcheon in 2012 and the safari-style property called Bear-Camp at Chilko was born.  She is honoured to chair the Chilko Operators Association – a collection of residents who work with the local indigenous community to build relationships and sustainable business together.

Gord Emery

Gord was born in the mountains of the Caribou-Chilcotin and his wilderness roots run deep.  A professional forester by trade, Gord has spent his life adventuring in the mountains and has dedicated the last decade to fighting forest fires in the area and managing ecosystems.  We were able to hook him for a season as part of our guide-team before he goes back to school to finish his degree in Wildlife Management with the University of British Columbia.  He’s kind of the strong-silent type, but has plenty of stories to tell – just get him a whiskey.

Whitney Fisher

Whitney first fell in love with rivers when she met the Ottawa in 2012 and has since continued her journey working throughout the west coast of Canada, into Mexico, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Patagonia, Chile.  When Whitney is not guiding she spends her time in the mountains helping youth and families as a support worker.

Jorge Esquivel

Jorge Guide Shot

We met this Costa-Rican river lover deep in Patagonia on the Rio Futaleufu. Jorge has logged over 130+ rivers and counting, and we are happy that he considers rivers here in BC among the best in the world! When Jorge is not busy running class V, wrangling horses or being interviewed for OUTSIDE magazine’s “Guide of the Year”, you can find him on the dance-floor, cutting the rug with his serious salsa moves.

Mike Yates aka “Grizz”


After 40 years of living in the British Columbia backcountry, Mike (aka “Grizz”) is the man that you want to know if there is a zombie apocalypse or, more likely, if you just want to learn some wilderness survival skills to impress your friends. Wildlife tracking, primitive weaponry, leather and metal work, sustainable gardening, and traditional log home building are just a few of his skills that span his 7 decades as a wilderness expert.

Moses Mindrisi aka “Hippo!”


There is no mistaking this smiling face! For the first time, Moses Mindrisi (aka “Hippo!”) comes all the way to Canada from Zimbabwe and brings with him the experience of over 3 decades and 2,000 professional trips down the World renownd Zambezi River. If you have travelled to Africa with ROAM, you would remember Hippo, not only his skill running whitewater, but his booming song and dance around the campfire at night.   He carries happiness with no borders and everyone around him is sure to have a “blessed day”.

Katrina Moore


Katrina has worked, studied and instructed across Canada, diving deep into the outdoors and inspiring a passion for wilderness with all who join her; her love of all things mountain, paired with her background in yoga, massage and meditation, has lead Katrina to the far reaches of Nepal and Australia, but she always calls BC home.

Mike Orloff (“Miguel”)

IMG_2923Miguel’s full time profession is as a Physicians Assistant, but in between saving lives in Idaho hospitals, he moonlights as a guide in the largest wilderness reserve in the world:  the Tatshenshini-Alsek in Alaska.  Miguel is passionate and knowledgeable about about whitewater, fly fishing, wine tasting, and Patagonia fashion.

Jock Richardson

Nick-named, “Old Man River”, Jock was hired so Brian would have one guide older then he is!  Jock is a local boy who grew up in northern and coastal British Columbia with stops in Stewart and Haida Gwaii.  He dedicated his youth to climbing which eventually led to a love affair with rivers in the early 80’s.  He “cut his teeth ” on the Kicking Horse, Chilko, Chilcotin, Taseko, Babine, Tat-Alsek and Firth in the days of bucket boats.  The self-bailer, for you younger folks, came into fashion in 1981 as historically we used to bail the boats after each rapid while fighting off pterodactyls!

Jock’s international experience includes Nepal India, Africa and Costa Rica.  He fell in love with the Arctic in 1977 while on a remote climbing expedition on Baffin Island.  He first rafted the Tatshenshini in 1987 and has worked close to three decades on these northern waterways.  In winters, Jock works as a ski hill risk manager, avalanche forecaster and as a mountain rescue specialist also teaching wilderness first aid and Swiftwater Rescue courses.  He is a fan of cooking, natural history and enjoys nothing more then sitting around a campfire telling stories – and there are many!

Steve Ogle

28680_102014769843689_5337481_nSteve is a photographer, writer and biologist based out of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.  He is tiresless about documenting the world via the most evocative means possible.  During your trip with ROAM, guests often wake in the morning to the beautiful calls of birds in the surroundings, or it might just be Steve trying to call the birds. If you are on a trip with this guy, get ready to have a walking encyclopedia of bird knowledge at your side, as well as a certified member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association.


Bob Vranich


Bob has chased his love for whitewater around the globe, to Chile, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Costa Rica and beyond!  When he’s not leading trips on the water, he is leading the next generation of tourism up-and-comers through the Adventure Tourism Program at Thompson Rivers University, or instructing Wilderness Medical programs.

Tamarack Currie

IMG_20170330_144419_787Our in-house engineer and fly-fisher extraordinaire, Tamarack was born in the mountains of BC and packed up his engineering degree in his tackle box to join us at Bear Camp. Well versed in making the machine run smooth, Tamarack keeps the hot showers hot and the beer fridge cold on our off-the-grid property, making him one of our favourite people! How did we get an over-qualified engineer to a boutique camp in the wilderness? We just had to tell him about the trout!

Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith Guide Shot

Kyle Smith grew up in Ontario and inspired by the nature around him, pursued Environmental Studies at Algonquin College, but “the mountains were calling…” and he moved west to beautiful BC and hasn’t looked back. Kyle loves to be in the backcountry in every season and shares his passion for photography with anyone who is keen to learn.

Josh Currie

Josh Guide Photo

Bear Camp would not have gotten off the ground (so to speak) without this Tasmanian Devil. Josh comes from the Koonenay mountains of BC and can build, fix, plumb, wire and engineer just about anything! The 400 feet of waterfront decking wind through the trees and Josh not only made the camp work, he also brought the creative flair that he uses when building the sound stages for Shambhala Music Festival, the biggest of it’s kind in the world.