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Though our roots lie deep in "off the beaten path" expeditionary travel, ROAM also operates a number of boutique lodges, vacation rentals and resorts. From decadent to funky and even down right outrageous, these properties are as unique as the people who own them. ROAM brings sensible management and outstanding dining to the table as well as incredible activities and services which only add more magic to these splendid locations.

Join us on safari in Canada, Alaska or Africa. Travel with us on horseback trips in Patagonia, Baja or Peru, even up to Machu Picchu. Kayak with us through the world's most ecologically diverse locations. Let us guide you down the wild down rivers of the USA, Canada, Africa and even Bhutan on whitewater rafing trips. In South America we sail to Galapacos, hike in Patagonia and surf all the coastlines. For those wanting to do it all we recommend checking out our multi-sport travel adventures.


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