Alaska & the Arctic: Adventure Under the Midnight Sun

Our Northern adventures offer you a great way to completely escape civilization. On the water and trails, you will see no cars, no bridges, no wires. You will not hear a telephone or a television. But if you ever thought of this part of the world as empty, a few days here will change that impression. Distances between things may be great but the abundance of life will constantly surprise you.

The programs we offer in Alaska and the Arctic are in diverse regions of startling contrast. However, as unique as each expedition may be, our legendary service is a common denominator in each of the itineraries. Our trips are comfortable explorations that emphasize personal challenge at your own level.

ROAM's unique journeys to North America's last frontier take you deep, exploring remote landscapes by raft, kayak, small aircraft and foot. In the past, humans had a bond to the Earth that was more visceral, more sure, more crucial to our individual survival. That bond will be reconnected for those who spend time in this land of the midnight sun. Traverse the world's largest international wilderness area or follow the migration of 120,000 caribou across the wild tundra. ROAM takes you on a mystical wilderness journey and brings you back with an enriched sense of belonging.

ROAM Adventures in Alaska & the Arctic