Peru: Adventure on High

In Peru the wildest landscapes – from frozen Andean peaks to the deep Amazon – help travelers reconnect to the natural world. It is also a cultural stew, where diverse peoples live side by side, negotiating modern life with humour and zest.  Raging rivers, chiseled peaks, glaciers and Pacific breaks, this vast country translates to paradise for the active traveler.  All the things we love – trekking, horseback riding, rafting, zip lines and bike trails – are present.

Visitors pilgrimage to the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, yet this feted site is just a flash in a 5000-year history of peoples.  We advise to take this big place in small bites and don't rush because in Peru the adventure usually lies in getting there.  Rather than race to the iconic haunts, sip and savor this country full of remnants of an ancient civilization.  Peru is a place of mythical beliefs where ancient pageants unwind to the tune of booming brass bands.  Peru's rich cultural heritage is never more real and visceral than when you are immersed in the swirling madness of a festival.  Deities of old are reincarnated as Christian saints, pilgrims climb mountains in the dead of night and icons are paraded through crowded plazas as once were the mummies of Inca rulers.  History is potent here and still pulsing, and ROAM knows the best way to experience it.

ROAM Adventures in the Peru

    Peru Multi-Sport & Trek

    12 Days

    Our Peru Multi-Sport & Trek combines 2 days in Cusco and 2 days in the Sacred Valley actively acclimatizing combined with a 6-day breath-taking hike along the Salkantay Inca Trail staying in comfortable lodgings each night with a personalized tour…

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      Amazon Jungle Adventure & Cruise

      13 Days

      This Peruvian adventures starts high up in Cusco before visiting the Sacred Valley. From there we head east into the cloud forest for unique wilderness experience at Kuporo Lodge. Then we descend further into the jungle and visit the world…

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