Amazon Jungle Adventure & Cruise


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13 Days of Jungle Adventure and Cruising


per person based on double occupancy

2024 Dates:

June 30 – July 12, 2024


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Deposit: $1000  Meeting Place: Cusco  Gateway City: Lima   Age Range: 13-80

This trip offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the upper Amazon—in classic ROAM style. We begin in Cusco, a city we’ve gotten to know and love over the past 18 years of operating there. We also begin with a new property: Antigua Casona San Blas located in our favorite part of town with numerous artisans, restaurants and a bohemian vibe that feels strangely appropriate at 11,000 feet.

From Cusco, we travel south, then east, over mountain passes and down into the cloud forests of eastern Peru. We’ll make a few cultural stops along the way before arriving at Kuporo Lodge on the banks of the Arazá river. The cloud forest offers a unique biome with a diversity of flora and fauna not found elsewhere. We’ll tour the property, watching for some of the 600 species of bird and wildlife that make their home at Kuporo.

From there it’s further east – by shuttle and boat – to the world renowned Tambopata Research Center where we’ll enjoy a variety of a la cart activities. After an early night we’ll awake before dawn to experience the macaw clay lick where hundreds of parrots and macaws congregate daily to ingest the clay along the river bank. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime sight. We’ll also hike a 5km path through the jungle with cameras at the ready.

Flying north to Iquitos, we’ll transfer to the small community of Nauta and board the Aria Amazon. Designed by innovative architect Jordi Puig, Aria Amazon is a river cruise ship that is custom-built to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the famed Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in absolute comfort and luxury. 16 suites (groups of 12 or less) with private floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the river give guests a full view of the Amazon’s majestic river and rainforests. The top deck features a jacuzzi, indoor lounge and bar, and an outdoor observation deck. In the dining room, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s most accomplished chefs, prepares the best of Peruvian cuisine using produce and ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon.

Each day we’ll embark on side trips by canoe, kayak, motorized skiff or on foot as we scan for wildlife and visit local indigenous communities. We’ll swim in the black waters of Clavero Lake, explore the San Pedro Forest and even fish for pirhanas! After each thrilling day, we’ll retire to the boat for cocktails, dinner and tales from life on the Amazon.



Itinerary at a Glance

  • Arrive Cusco, where a ROAM guide will meet you and transfer to the Sacred Valley
  • Travel east towards Brazil, stopping at historic and scenic sights along the way
  • Descend into the cloud forest to our lodge at Kuporo
  • Explore the property and see the abundant wildlife including monkeys, reptiles and a multitude of birds and insects
  • Travel to Puerto Filadelfia and on to the Tambopata Research Center to witness the macaw clay lick
  • Fly to Iquitos then transfer to Nauta port where we board our luxurious river boat on the Marañon River
  • Visit a remote Amazonian village, canoe or kayak on the black waters of Clavero Lake
  • Explore the Yarapa & Tahuayo rivers and the incredible wildlife in San Pedro Forest
  • Visit Nauta Town and the birthplace of the mighty Amazon River
  • Spot parrots, toucans, sloths, turtles, egrets and more
  • Travel down the Marañon River, fish for piranhas and explore the Yanayacu Pucate River
  • Visit the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the indigenous village of Puerto Prado
  • Shop at a local market and visit manatee rescue center before transferring to the airport for flights home


What to Expect on the Amazon Jungle Adventure & Cruise

We pride ourselves in running a relaxed and always flexible schedule. Every trip is different depending upon the group, other trips in the area, and sometimes the weather. The following is a sample of what your trip might be like.

DAY 1 – Cusco / Sacred Valley

Your ROAM guide will meet you at the Cusco Airport and transfer to the Sacred Valley. Free afternoon to enjoy the facilities and gardens of your hotel.

DAY 2 – Cusco / Quincemil / Kuporo

Today we will head south along the road that leads to Lake Titicaca. Our initial stop will be in Andahuaylillas to visit its beautiful church, famous for its historic murals that cover its interior, it is known as the Sistine Chapel of the Andes.

We continue along the Interoceanic Highway that will take us to the highlands, hills and snow-capped peaks of the Vilcanota Mountain Range. We will drive over three passes, the highest being Pirhuayani with 4,725 meters above sea level, where we will enjoy the spectacular views of the extensive Callangate glacier.

We will say goodbye to this marvelous landscape crowned by steep peaks and start our descent towards the enigmatic cloud forest, traveling a winding path we will observe old settlements of alpacas herders. After crossing the Oroya bridge, we will take another left to reach KUPORO on the banks of the well-known Arazá river.

Upon arrival we will check in at the lodge and in the afternoon we will take a tour to learn about Kuporo’s agroforestry and environmental projects. After dinner we will be able to observe alligators in a stream near the lodge and we will take a night walk, entering the mysterious kingdom of the cloud forest.

Day 3 – Kuporo Lodge

In the morning, we will take a walk through the beautiful trails of the property, approaching the ecosystem of this remote cloud forest to better understand its interrelation with the diversity of its fauna and flora. We will look for a possible encounter with monkeys, birds, colorful insects, strange reptiles and perhaps other larger mammals.

At the end of the excursion, we will go to a beautiful beach that is formed by the confluence of the Arazá and Chilimayo rivers to swim in its refreshing waters.

We will return to the lodge for lunch. We will go to an observation point to see the cock of the rocks, and with a bit of luck we will observe the courtship ritual of this wonderful species in its natural habitat. If you prefer, you can rest and enjoy the facilities and gardens of the lodge.

Day 4 – Kuporo / Puerto Filadelfia / Tambopata Research Center

We recommend waking up early and joining a morning walk in search of the more than 600 species identified in the surroundings of the lodge. After breakfast we will leave for Puerto Filadelfia (before Puerto Maldonado) to take the boat that will take us up the Tambopata River to the Tambopata Research Center. Here, you will have a choice of a la cart activities and we’ll overnight at the lodge

Day 5 – The Macaw Clay Lick

Every morning, dozens of macaws and hundreds of parrots congregate on this riverbank. We will discreetly observe several species of birds that descend to ingest clay. We will leave at dawn, before they start their activity.

We will walk a five kilometer path with huge trees crossed by streams and ponds. We will go in search of monkeys. Ten minutes upriver from the lodge, you can have fun exploring the Island and El Ojo de Agua. It is an excellent place to watch waterfowl such as Muscovy ducks, flycatchers, hoatzin, woodpeckers, orioles and parakeets that find their home in this pond. After dinner, you will participate in the Night Talk, where you will learn more about the biology and habits of macaws.

Day 6 – Transfer to Airport / Fly to Iquitos / Nauta

Today we will transfer to the airport and fly to Iquitos to begin our decadent yet exciting adventure on the river.

Arriving on a noon flight, receive a warm welcome at Iquitos International Airport by our crew. Board our private transfer to downtown Iquitos, for a panoramic city tour and a welcome lunch. Then transfer to Nauta port for embarkation.

Settle into your generously sized suite as you begin one of life’s greatest adventures. Following an introduction to our naturalist guides and a routine safety drill, gather at the restaurant for the first of many Amazonian cuisine experiences created by Aria Amazon’s renowned consulting chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

Day 7 – Clavero Lake / Ucayali River / Yarapa River

We start the day searching for incredible wildlife along the Ucayali River, including parrots, egrets, hawks, and monkeys. After breakfast, choose to go canoeing, kayaking, or swimming on the black water Clavero Lake, or visit an Amazonian village, where you can interact with native riberenos (people of the river). At dusk, explore the Yarapa River in search of exotic nocturnal wildlife.

Day 8 – Amazon River / Tahuayo River / San Pedro Forest

As the day begins, embark on a morning wildlife excursion on the extraordinary Amazon River. After breakfast, explore the Tahuayo River, a black water tributary of the Amazon River, while our naturalist guides share stories of Amazonia. After lunch, we take a jungle walk at San Pedro or Puerto Prado’s forest to learn about the Amazonian flora and fauna.

Day 9 – Nauta Town / Village Visit / Birthplace of the Amazon

This morning, visit the local fresh market with your guides who can identify the day’s catch by the Amazonian fishermen as well as the region’s exotic fruits. After breakfast, take a short boat ride along Marañon River and visit an experienced beekeeper in the community of San Francisco.

In the afternoon, witness one of the great spectacles of the Southern Hemisphere: the birthplace of the Amazon River. At night, meet the new passengers who have signed on for the four-night trip, as we start our journey along the Marañon River.

Day 10 – Marañon River / Yanayacu Pucate River

Get an early start to the day with a birdwatching excursion along the Marañon River. After breakfast, explore the black waters of Yanayacu Pucate River with a possibility to see sloths, great egrets, parrots, and Taricaya turtles. Visit an Amazon village to witness a demonstration of Aguaje palm harvesting.

After lunch, go fishing for Amazonia’s notoriously ferocious piranhas and for a dusk excursion in search of exotic nocturnal wildlife.

Day 11 – Samiria River / Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

The rewards of our early start today are plentiful, including a picnic lunch under the Amazonian shade, orchestrated to the sound of the jungle symphony. Go fishing along the black waters of Samiria River and choose to go on a jungle walk, canoeing, kayaking, or swimming inside the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Later, cruise along the Ucayali River and enjoy the sunset.

Day 12 – Puerto Prado Forest / Amazon River

After breakfast, embark on a morning skiff excursion on the Marañon River. Make sure to bring along your binoculars as we try to spot sloths and birds along this majestic river. In the afternoon, we sail along the river to go to Puerto Prado, an indigenous village where there’ll be an opportunity to see giant water lilies.

Day 13 – Nauta Town / Manatee Rescue Centre / Transfer to the Airport

In the morning, take a guided visit to the local market and marvel at the regional produce of the Peruvian Amazon.

Return to the boat for breakfast before disembarkation. En route to the airport, visit the Manatee Rescue Center, where orphaned Amazonian manatees rehabilitate before they are released back into the wild.




In Cusco, Antigua Casona San Blas

Antigua Casona San Blas is located in Cusco’s oldest, continuously lived-in, neighborhood – a place where steep and narrow cobble stone streets are lined with the remains of Incan architecture and colonial casonas, where artisans, boutiques, and coffee shops provide a bohemian vibe.

The unique and elegant rooms are outfitted with hand-carved furniture sourced from local woods and allergen-free, high-quality linens on king-sized beds. And with onsite amenities such as a spa, oxygen bar, yoga room and the Piedra & Sal restaurant, you arein the perfect place to start your Peruvian adventure.

Kuporo El Albergue

Kuporo´ in the Harakmbut language (language of those who inhabited the area long ago) means “tree that bears fruit with seed where the birds come to eat” and it is precisely what we expect, that each of our visitors will be fed by the experiences that Kuporo´ and it’s spectacular surroundings have to offer. We hope that these experiences will be spread throughout the world and bear fruit.

Kuporo´ offers comfortable accommodations with excellent services, from where you can explore the surroundings. Kuporo´ is a sustainable property that seeks to preserve the area where it is located.

Tambopata Research Center

The world-renowned Tambopata Research Center is located within the Tambopata National Reserve near the Bahuaja Sonene National Park in Madre de Dios Peru, making it one of the most remote lodges in South America! The lodge’s pristine location means that it’s surrounded by the best wildlife the Peruvian Amazon jungle has to offer.

Ideal for nature lovers and photographers, the lodge features 300 meters (almost 1000 feet) of elevated walkways located in between the canopy and the floor, where wildlife becomes more active.

On the River Boat

Designed by innovative architect Jordi Puig, Aria Amazon is a river cruise ship that is custom-built to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the famed Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in absolute comfort and luxury — with minimal impact to the delicate Amazon river and rainforest environment.

On board, 16 suites with floor-to-ceiling windows give guests a full view of the Amazon’s majestic river and rainforests. The top deck features amenities including a jacuzzi, indoor lounge and bar, and an outdoor observation deck. In the dining room, guests also savor the best of Peruvian cuisine with a comprehensive dining menu created by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru’s most accomplished chefs known for using produce and ingredients from the Peruvian Amazon.