Lakes District Multi-Sport – Chile


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8 Days of Lodge-based Multi-Sport

$3995 USD

per person based on double occupancy

2020/21 Dates:

November – March

Trips operate Saturday-Saturday.
*Five and Four day options are also available.

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Deposit: $1000  Meeting Place: Temuco  Gateway City: Santiago Chile  River Rating: Class I-V (optional)  Age Range: 6-75

The Lakes District of Chile never ceases to amaze travelers with its awe-inspiring vistas, incredible hospitality and spectacular natural wonders. Our trip is based in the Pucon and San Pedro valleys and offers a plethora of rafting (II-V), kayaking (beginner to expert), SUP-ing on the lake or rivers, canyoning gorges and waterfalls, horseback riding (epic or easy), mountain biking, zip lining canopy tours, hiking to glaciers and volcanoes, yoga sessions, and soaking in remote hot springs.

The packages are all-inclusive of accommodations, sumptuous meals, drinks, and guided activities with optional climbing (via ferrata or rock) and mountaineering options for those keen on summit opportunities. Guests of all abilities can be accommodated with raft, IK and kayak options on the various rivers. This program offers the Upper and Lower Trancura, Liucura, Maichin, Fuy and San Pedro Rivers for kayak, raft, SUP and IK’s.



Itinerary at a Glance

  • Fly to Santiago & connect to Temuco on Day One, transfer to our retreat for afternoon activities, welcome cocktails
  • whitewater raft, inflatable kayak or  SUP
  • Stretch with a riverside yoga session, soak in natural hot springs, unwind with a massage
  • Hike to a glacier, plunge in a waterfall, mountaineer to the top of an active volcano
  • Challenge a mountain bike course, or test your mettle on single track, or meander a country road
  • Ride a horse in the mountains, raft a raging river or mellow out on a scenic float
  • fly fish or spin fish for salmon or trout
  • Enjoy canyoning into spectacular gorges, zip line through lush forest canopies, learn to rock climb
  • Huck waterfalls, surf huge waves, paddle technical canyons or unwind on warm class II waters
  • Launch on a tandem paraglide, rock climb the Andes or scale a 1000 foot wall (via ferrata)
  • Indulge at organic certified restaurants, sample craft beers, taste Chilean wines, experience a traditional Asado



What to Expect on the Lakes District Multi-Sport

Upon Arrival in Chile:

Today you will arrive in Santiago, Chile, and connect to Temuco, where a ROAM representative will meet and transfer your accommodations. After checking in, we’ll raft the mighty Upper Trancura River before welcome cocktails and the first of many delicious meals.

Day to Day Activities:

ROAM multi-sports are designed to allow you to craft your own unique Chilean experience. Each evening at dinner we go over the adventure options for the following day. Some activities will be half-day affairs, while others require the full-day in the field or an occasional early start. One thing for certain, we have organized the absolute best things to do in this adventure paradise and food and drink will always play a major roll!

Here’s a sample of the activities available:

Rafting/inflatable kayaking:  The Upper Trancura River and Lower Trancura, which joins the Liacura River are close by so it doesn’t get any better  – as participants can choose class II-IV by raft, IK or even hard shell kayaks. We also have the Tolten, Maichin (upper and lower) and options for the ultra technical and steep Rio Fuy, or the warm and friendly, Rio San Pedro, whose large volume Futa-like rapids (in size and colour) can be challenged in a variety of craft.

Canyoning: one of our guests’ favourites, this exciting activity is suitable for beginners or experts and involves exploring amazing volcanic terrain through a series of controlled descents off a vertical drops into canyons along with different small slides, jumps, swims and unique zip-lines. Its active and wet, but you will go to beautiful places many never get to see!

Rock climbing: there are wonderful climbing area and routes 10-15 minutes out of Pucon. We also have a 250 metre via ferrata climb which is a technical climb where you are attached to a cable and anchors for safety. Guest can also opt for a mountaineering day that includes a crampon and ice axe climb of Volcan Villarrica. It’s a full day climb that will leave many exhausted but is often the top of visitors bucket lists in this part of the Andes.

Hiking: we are situated between two nature reserves and Huerquehue National Park so the hiking opportunities are endless. However, the guides will always suggest our Fire & Ice route, which is ideal for all abilities and hiking speeds. This involves a shuttle up a scenic valley to a trail head that leads to volcanic views and an ice cave where you’ll celebrate with pisco sours poured over 10,000 year old ice.

Horseback riding: get your inner gaucho on by trying a horseback ride in the Andes. Nothing is more Patagonian than a day on a horse with outstanding vistas. We offer a variety of rides that may incorporate a traditional Chilean Asado in some spectacular countryside. Happy trails are waiting.

Rafting & Kayaking: we have some of the best instructors and guides on the planet for beginners or experts. ROAM is associated with NOC, which is the largest kayaking school in North America, if not the world. Needless to say, dedicated and highly skilled instructors are there for you and will allow paddlers to get the most out the what the region has to offer in rivers. The rafting options are endless and the proximity of the Upper and Lower Trancura make it our backyard run.

Inflatable Kayaking: we have a fleet of top quality inflatable kayaks (single or doubles) that allows you to challenge a number of rivers in the region. The crowd favourite, Liucura River, is an excellent warm up for an exciting dayand high volume river run down the San Pedro River

Stand Up Paddle boards: being in the heart of the Lakes District allows us a plethora of places to SUP and the warm and friendly lakes, which are also the best spots for soaking up views of the volcanoes.

Paragliding: take a tandem flight and see the region from a bird’s eye perspective. This requires no previous experience but will certainly leave you buzzing with excitement like a triple espresso with a Red Bull chaser.

Canopy Tours: participants are provided with safety helmets and harnesses as they are guided by highly qualified staff through the 900 meter long circuit of ziplines, Tyrolean traverses, rope ladders, cable walks and rappels. No experience is necessary for this ecological experience among massive Coihue and oak tree forests.

Yoga: join our instructor for a delightful stretch over looking a lake or river.

Wine & Beer Tasting: sample a selection of Chile’s incredible varietals in inspiration settings. Discover your favourite regional microbrew or local craft beers.

Asado: enjoy a traditional Asado, ROAM style, but be very careful of the pisco sours!

Your Last Day: 

We depart after a hearty breakfast and have time for souvenir shopping en route to Temuco and Santiago. For those wanting to arrive to Santiago early or stay longer, we have an Argentine extension at Estancia Peuma Hue, 5 hours away in Bariloche on the Argentine side of Patagonia.


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The Lakes District Region of Chile

Don’t judge a district by its name. The Lakes District, Los Lagos in Spanish, only tells part of the story. While turquoise, blue and green glacial lakes dominate the landscape, they’re hardly the only attraction. Play on towering, perfectly conical, snow-capped volcanoes. Visit charming lakesides and hot springs. Admire the green umbrella of national parks like Parque Nacional Huerquehue. A long list of outdoor adventures and a unique, German-influenced Latin culture make for a cinematic region that appeals to all. Pucón is firmly positioned on the global map as a center for adventure sports; its setting on beautiful Lago Villarrica under the smouldering eye of the volcano of the same name seals its fate as a world-class destination for adrenaline junkies.

Huerquehue National Park is located in the foothills of the Andes, in the Valdivian temperate rainforest of the La Araucaníaregion in southern Chile. It lies 145 km southeast of Temuco and 33 km east of Pucón, between the Villarrica National Reserve to the west and the Hualalafquén National Reserve to the east. The park encompasses 125 square kilometers (12,500 Ha) of mountainous terrain east of Caburgua Lake, and has an elevation range of 720 to 2,000 meters above sea  level. Huerquehue is a Mapudungun word (the language of the Mapuche people) that means “the messenger’s place”. One of the most noteworthy features of the park are its ancient Araucaria forests, the tree commonly known as “monkey puzzle”. These are the backdrop for the clear lakes and lagoons that dot the park, including Tinquilco Lake, which lies in the lower portion of this protected area.

Pucón boasts the best small-town tourism infrastructure south of Costa Rica. That means hundreds of activities and excursions, vegetarian restaurants, falafel, microbrews and hundreds of expat residents from the world over. Its popularity can be off-putting to some but benefit by the services available while our retreat is based outside of Pucon on a tranquil acreage on the banks of the Trancura River.

This region is teaming with rivers. Here’s a few that we may explore, depending on participants ability levels:

Upper & Lower Trancura: The Trancura river is the main drainage for the snow peaks of Parque Nacional Villarrica.  Given clear weather, the three volcanoes—Quetrupillan, Lanín and Villarica can be seen while descending the river. The lower Trancura is Pucón’s local playground and sports the most popular day raft trip in the country. This section of river is also popular with kayakers and inflatable kayaks (a.k.a. duckies). Mostly read and run class II-III, the notable rapids are “El Pescador” which has pushy wave train at entrance leading into a river wide hole at hi flows. Below the Confluence (“ La Junta”) with the Liucura River the flow doubles and the largest rapid of the trip is encountered called La Leona. The Upper Trancura is class III-V and has some mandatory portages but is a stout backyard run of no parallel.

Rio Palguin: There are three distinct drops on this classic waterfall run. The first is called “Tres Huevones” and consists of 3 drops with part three ending in a 3 meter falls. The second rapid, “Eva Luna” is a 5 meter falls at the end of a slot canyon. The third rapid is another falls called “Ecstasy” and has a 7 meter vertical drop with runs on on either the left or right of the center rock island. T

Rio San Pedro: About 1.5 hours away from Pucon, this is a wonderful outing for those doing the full 8-day program. Draining Lago Rinihue and flowing out the Pacific the San Pedro has crystal clear turquoise waters and offers trout and salmon in addition to 16 kilometers of fun roller coaster rapids that remind us a lot of the Futaelufu in both colour and style.

Rio Fuy: Flowing warm and transparent out of Lago Pirehueico deep in the heart of Chile’s Lake District, the Fuy’s astonishing clarity is a sight to behold. With a dense canopy of Coihue trees overhanging its banks, the river has an exotic, even ethereal feel to it. In the Chilean spring, the river’s continuous, eddy-hopping, boulder-garden rapids get big and pushy, offering quite a contrast to the waterfalls upstream.

Maichin: The best stretch of boating on the upper Maichín consists of a section of a class III-IV rapids where the river flows through a long-columnar basalt gorge. The drops are straightforward and can be boat scouted from eddies. The cold, clear river flows through a bucolic countryside of small farms, well-grazed hillsides, and araucaria trees standing sentinel over the valley floor. The lower Maichin is equally as impressive in its beauty rather than technical rapids and ideal for paddlers wanting to work on skill development or simply enjoy the canyon.