Lofoten Islands Multi-Sport


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8 Days of culture, sea kayaking, hiking & touring

$7995 USD

per person based on double occupancy

2024/2025 Dates:

August 25 – September 1, 2024

Program is fully booked

August 23 – 30, 2025

August 30 – September 6, 2025

Deposit: $1000  Single Supplement: $1750 Meeting Place: Bodø, Norway Age Range: 13-80

Everybody loves these magical islands off the coast of Northern Norway; hikers and skiers looking for a challenge, nature lovers seeking natural beauty, deep sea fishermen hunting the biggest cod, golfers looking for midnight golf, surfers looking for the wave to end all waves, hipsters and artisans discovering this emerging mecca, history buffs seeking the unexpected. It’s all there.

Some of the oldest rocks in the world, ravaged by countless ice ages into bizarre shapes, rise abruptly and defiantly up from the tepid waters of the Gulf Stream. This wet-footed mountain range forms a coherent, 100 km long and 1000 metre high wall when seen from afar, the Lofoten Wall. Miraculously, all this geological brutality hides little coves, valleys and even bigger flatlands, with leafy vegetation, green agricultural fields and human habitation. Although there is always a mountain or six within easy reach.

It’s not exactly easy to reach the Lofoten Islands, but at ROAM we say the most incredible places are the hardest to get to. And besides, it only takes a flight from Oslo to Bodø, followed by a three- to four-hour ferry ride to reach the archipelago—but you won’t regret making the effort. Once there, you’ll find clear blue waters that rival the Mediterranean, craggy mountains that rival Iceland, and enough edgy museums and fishing villages to rival…well, just pick any Scandinavian hot spot. Yet while Lofoten’s sites may draw some comparisons, the beauty here is truly unparalleled: think colorful fishing villages, majestic fjords, and beaches dotted with surfers.

By kayak and ferry you can see many types of wildlife from humpback whales and orcas to white-tailed eagles and adorable puffins. You can even go surfing above the Arctic Circle. Those in the know head to Unstad Beach on the island of Vestvågøya, known for its world-renowned break and the spectacular ocean views an added bonus. On land, keep your eyes peeled for moose and sheep wandering along beaches—they’re big fans of the seaweed-infused soil.

One of Lofoten’s biggest attractions are the painted fishing villages found all over the islands. The red and white wooden fishermen’s huts (known as Rorbuers) line the town waterfronts. Henningsvær is one of Lofoten’s most important fishing villages, where cod fill the surrounding fjords during mid- and late-winter; the waiting fishing boats catch the fish, dry them on racks, and then export them to Europe and Africa. The skrei is such an important commodity, the town’s unofficial motto is “In Cod We Trust.” We mean it: Lofoten is serious about its cod as Norwegian cod has been a staple since the age of the Vikings and remains a valuable asset in the fishing community.

This also home to the midnight sun (a phenomenon where the sun doesn’t set for several weeks during the summer) and resembles a dreamy sunrise or sunset, giving you 24-hour viewing access to northern Norway’s striking landscapes from mid-May to July. That being said, we prefer to visit Lofoten in late August as there are fewer people, long days but just enough darkness for an opportunity to view the northern lights. Our robust itinerary covers what we think is the “best of the best” and we’ve also got some great extensions for those wishing to extend their stay.




Itinerary at a Glance

  • Fly into Bodø, Norway where a ROAM representative will meet you either at the airport or at your hotel
  • Hop on a ferry to the outermost point of Lofoten Islands
  • Welcome dinner overlooking the wild Norwegian Sea
  • Sea kayak and hike to Bunes Beach
  • Hike to Ryten and visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Nusfjord Fishing village
  • Explore a museum, go sea kayaking before going fishing on a traditional wooden fishing boat
  • Visit the viking archaeological site of Lofotr
  • Visit Henningsvær and Svolvær
  • Transfer to the airport in Svolvær for flights home


What’s Included:

  • Experienced professional guides
  • Chartered transportation between destinations
  • Expedition equipment
  • All meals and accommodations
  • Taxes and permits


What to Expect on the Lofoten Multi-Sport Adventure

Day One

We’ll pick you up at your hotel of choice, or directly at the airport and take a short drive to the harbour and hop on a ferry. The boat ride takes 3 hours to the outermost point of the Lofoten Islands in Moskenes. Holmen, our first stay is only around the corner. Like EVERY other place on Lofoten, Holmen used to be home to a family of fishermen. Ingunn our host, remembers the days when she helped out on the boats as child. Later when she took over from her family, she created this unique place for visitors to stay. Her and her husband Håvard take pride being our hosts and make sure you feel just at home from Day 1. Tonight’s dinner is going to be a special one in an old wooden shed, converted into a tiny but top-quality restaurant with an open kitchen just steps from the wild northern sea. This will be our first feast of many on this unforgettable adventure ahead.

Accommodations: Holmen Lofoten

Day Two

Our fist paddle will be an exciting one as we go to the wild northern side of the islands to a bay with an incredible beach, only accessible by foot or boat. From Reine we will paddle in sea kayaks for about one and a half hours across the incredible Reinefjorden. When we reach our destination, we leave the boats and hike for an hour over a small mountain pass to the Bunes beach.  For those not up to the excitement straight out of the gate, we can take a ferry across the fjord and then do the hour walk to the beach to where we’ll enjoy a picnic lunch before heading back to Reine. This evening we’ll go for an exotic dinner in Gadus Restaurant which is famous for its incredible blend of Italian kitchen and traditional Lofoten fish dishes.

Accommodations: Holmen Lofoten

Day Three

Today we pack our bags and move on to Nusfjord about half an hour drive away. But before we get there, we go for a spectacular hike to Ryten. The hike is considered moderate and takes about 4 hours back and forth. Many say that the view from the top of the 545-meter outlook, rising straight up from the sea, is one of the most spectacular in Norway. But we’ll let you be the judge!

Tonight, we stay in Nusfjord, a former fishing village which at times hosted 1500 fishermen in the red and yellow Rorbuer (cabin) clustered together. Nusfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site that hosts a museum, art gallery, restaurant and the very same cabins which thousands of fishermen stayed at before us. Now fully restored, they would have never dreamt of sleeping as comfortable as we will this evening!

Accommodations: Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Day Four

This morning we will just relax and explore at your leisure. Walk along the wooden decks, check out the museum, or paddle a sea kayak – the choice is yours. But after lunch we are going fishing on a beautiful traditional wooden fishing boat. From the open ocean we’ll get a brilliant view of the archipelago, perhaps catch some cod and at the end of the trip get dropped off at Hattvika Lodge in Ballstad, where we’ll stay at for the next two nights.

Accommodations: Hattvika Lodge

Day Five

Depending on our group and energy levels, we’ll find an appropriate hike, which will surely get us some more outstanding views of the Lofoten Islands. After the hike it is time to become real Vikings and we’ll visit Lofotr, an archeological site where the found the remains of the biggest Viking long house ever found and then rebuilt. We’ll get a guided tour of the Museum and then it is game time. We all dress up like Vikings and go for a proper Viking feast. This is going to be a cultural and culinary experience like no other, as the waitress is going to be a true Viking and will make sure you feel right at home 1000 years ago. Skål! (Norwegian for cheers). Tonight, we’ll shuttle back to Hattvika Lodge, as even Vikings needed to sleep.

Accommodations: Hattvika Lodge

Day Six

After breakfast we will be picked up by a 600 horse power RIB boat. It will take us on a fun and wet ride along the Lofoten coast and drop us off in Henningsvær where we spend the afternoon and night. Straight off the boat we´ll have lunch at the Tobias Brygge located in this world-famous harbour. The afternoon can be spent wandering the streets of Henningsvær, visiting the iconic football field and enjoy the cozy cafes around the harbour. For those wanting more exercise, we can challenge a 3 hour hike up Festvågtind to get that exact iconic view of Henningsvær that you’ve seen on countless photographs promoting the Lofoten Islands.

Tonight, we will check in to an old carpentry factory called Trevarefabrikken. From the outside just an industrial building, from the inside a super hip restaurant, hotel and bar.

Accommodations: Trevarefabrikken

Day Seven

After breakfast, we drive to Svolvær, the main city on Lofoten and jump on an electric cruise boat. This thing is next level. As we head out to the spectacular Trollfjord, we get to hear the insights about the unique geology of the islands and soak in towering mountains flanking straight up from the sea. An underwater drone will be deployed to show us life video from the underwater sea world.

This afternoon you are free to roam the streets of Svolvær, buy some souvenirs and enjoy its countless seafront restaurants and bars. Late afternoon, we’ll check in to the coolest apartments right at the epi-center of town and head out to dinner at the Børsen Spiseri, the most historic restaurant in town.

Accommodations: Nordis Apartments

Day Eight

Today we’ll say farewell and shuttle you to the airport in Svolvær, where you can connect within an hour to Bodø and back to the starting point of the trip.

Optional ROAM Extensions

Ask us for a quotation and proposal

Option 1: Manshausen

Accessible only by chartered boat, Manshausen is a place the royals hang out and it’s a one of kind experience that doesn’t fit into our trip schedule. Manshausen may measure a humble 14 acres, but it is a jewel of an island. It overlooks the Grøtøyleia strait, and across the water just half a kilometre away is the friendly village of Nordskot. Manshausen has a sheltered harbour and was once an integral part of the Grøtøya old trading post, whose dates back to 1698. Fishing is still excellent. Visitors also take delight in kayaking, scuba diving, cycling, walks, summit hikes and rock-climbing.

Option 2: Surf the Arctic

Want to surf in the Arctic? Unstad is the hotspot of Norwegian surfers. In addition to great surf, it’s a spectacular location worthy of a visit alone. The Arctic Surf Hotel oozes hang loose surf style and offers funky and comfortable accommodations in a variety of forms complete with private jacuzzi and saunas.

Option 3: Playing Golf at 68 Degrees Latitude

In Gimsøy they built an 18-hole golf course by the wild northern sea surrounded by stunning mountains and long beaches. Horseback riding is also available. They offer comfortable cabins with spectacular views towards the North. Boasting zero light pollution, there’s a great chance to see the northern lights.




Holmen Lofoten

Holmen Lofoten is a collection of traditional fisherman’s cabins and modern spaces offering all the comforts of classic Scandinavian style on the shores of the Lofoten Islands.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

Nusfjord Arctic Resort is situated in the secluded and tranquil fishing village of Nusfjord. The Resort has 20 high-end cabins, each with a history as a traditional fishermen’s ‘rorbu’ and refurbished with a harmonic balance of old heritage and modern comfort.

Hattvika Lodge

In historic fishermen’s cottages with views of the Norwegian Sea, this chic apartment hotel is simply the best place to explore and soak in the Lofoten vibe. The food at the Fangst restaurant is Michelin-star quality.


Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, Lofoten offers a cultural scene with local food and drinks, ocean sauna and rooms for a good nights sleep.

Nordis Apartments

Nordis Apartments, in the heart of Svolvær, offers spacious accommodation in comfortable apartments with two or three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.