2017 Adventure Lineup with Ashley and Brian


Looking back, and moving forward.

Wow, Time flies is right!  Here we are, nearing the end of 2016 and planning the incredible line up for 2017!

Ashley Scanlan and Brian McCutcheon rolled “home” to Nelson this November with trucks and trailers packed to the top, a few thousand more miles on the odometer, and with more air miles than we care to remember. But what a season it was!

I am not shy to proclaim this year as our best season yet (measured by our fun-o-meter)! With a motley crew of fantastic guides, a safari camp that gets more delicious flavor with each passing year, high water, full moons, friends, musicians, and THREE new exploratory trips, we really kept ourselves busy!   I could go through and list all the amazing trips we did, but let’s look forward…

Check out our 2017 line-up so far:

New YearsGalapagos TripSOLD OUT!

New Years – Surf Trip in Mompiche, Ecuador – SOLD OUT!

January 19th – Brian’s birthday in (Nelson, BC?)

Feb 19 –26 Argentina Yoga Retreat in Bariloche (space still available)

March 2 – Party at Ashley & Brian’s new home in Chile! All welcome!

March 3-11 – Mini Trip on the Futaleufu in Chile (space still available)

March 10-18Rafting Trip on the Futaleufu (space still available)

April 10-21Brian and Jorge lead our new premium Costa Rica trip!

April 22-27 – ROAM launches our more wallet-friendly Costa Rica trip

June- August – The Chilko River Expeditions (with new camp and itinerary!) & Bear Camp Multi-Sport Trips are at a premium!

SeptemberBear Viewing is on! Photographers get your spot!

October 3-13 – Africa bound! Zambezi River Explorer (almost sold out)

October 28- November 8Zambezi River explorer

November (6 days) – NEW Capetown Multi-sport & Culture

November (4 Days) – NEW South Africa Safari and Multi-sport

November 20-30 – Office work….. it has to happen sometime

December – Get tropical surf again!

New Costa Rica Adventures!

Mention Costa Rica and people think paradise. The rivers and waves are prime, the beauty is staggering and the relaxed pace seductive.  This peaceful bird and wildlife oasis allows active travellers to raft, kayak, hike, snorkel and horseback ride.  Adrenaline junkies can zip line jungle canopies, rapel waterfalls and SUP or surf the Pacific.

Costa Rica can be split into 5 geographical zones of travel. We spent hours agonizing on what types of experiences to offer on our multisport adventures.  The choices are endless, so we are delighted that we managed to condense it to just two itineraries!


 Premium Adventure

Our new premium surf & multisport itinerary utilizes the Best of the Best.  The luxurious Florblanca Lodge on the west coast and the outrageous Pacuare Lodge in the interior are undoubtedly Costa Ricas’ most unique and special locations. Forblanca is rated #1 in Central America while The Pacuare Lodge is ranked by National Geographic as one of the top 25 ecolodges on the planet.


Friend & Family Fun

If you are looking for an outstanding adventure trip at a price you can bring the whole gang, then our Costa Rica Multisport based out of Quepos, is ideal for you and your friends.  Participants will be indulged with a plethora of daily adventures designed for all ages and abilities. Raft, hike, surf, snorkel, zip line, rapel down waterfalls – we’ve got it all.

Jorge Guide Shot

Why ROAM with us?

Jorge Esquivel was born and raised in Costa Rica. A former national whitewater champ, there are few rivers and valleys he has not explored in his homeland.  ROAM has been visiting Costa Rica since the late 80’s and knows how to craft outrageous adventure experiences that offer extraordinary value for money.



Zimbabwe delivers again and again

It’s all about perspective…

We just returned from our Zambezi Explorer trip and cannot say enough great things about the country and its amazing people.

africa-2016-024The trip started off in classic ROAM style as we were treated to giraffe, elephant and lion sightings on our very first safari.  Our dip into Botswana for the day to explore Chobe National Park was extraordinary too.   The inflatable kayaking (Africans call it canoeing, but it’s not) on the Upper Zambezi was not without drama as we had very, very close encounters with a few hippos and an elephant herd but everyone returned to our deluxe riverside expedition camp unscathed and excited.  Talk at the table over sundowners, was elevated by our day’s experience.  Rafting the Batoka Gorge of the Zambezi is beyond words…


One of the greatest aspects of the trip was missing the endless US political election banter.  Without Hillary or Donald talk, we were able to truly soak up the sounds, sights and smells of Africa.  Zimbabwe’s natural wonders can only be out done by its wonderful inhabitants.   I am the first to admit, at times, I feel pangs of guilt or “elitism”.  The juxtaposition of being in a 5 star facility in the Sub-Saharan desert while being attended to tirelessly by our support staff, makes me a little embarrassed about our fretting the political situation at home in North America, be it Trump or Clinton as President.


Our good friend and lead river guide Mandrise (a.k.a. “Hippo”), who has guided more than 2,200 trips down the Zambezi, lost his life savings when the Zimbabwe dollar tanked in the late 90’s.  The country has a 60 percent unemployment rate, is ranked 155th out of 177 countries for worst corruption and now Hippo’s precious river and resource is going to be dammed to power air conditioners in Johannesburg.  Hippo knows a few things about losses and yet, he continues to be our amazing host always proud to show off his country to foreigners like us.

In Cape Town, we heard that Trump was victorious.  As an outsider looking in, it surprised me a little but not that much.  I was more concerned about the message it sends our children, essentially that lying and bullying gets you ahead, but then I reflected back to thoughts of Zimbabwe and it all seems so trivial.  No matter what your political stripes,  you should visit Africa and see how poverty, corruption, decades of poor leadership and rampant unemployment can only bring you down if you allow it.  America – we’ll be just fine.


We have much to learn from our friends in Zimbabwe.  Once you visit and see the people’s unbridled, wholehearted happiness, you may think twice about naive references like “third world”… as the people here are all first-class.


ROAM is proud to be working with our friends here and has two scheduled departures to the Zambezi Basin in 2017.  There are also safari extensions visiting Hwange National Park and a Cape Town multi-sport that dovetails perfectly.