July 2011 - ROAM

Month: July 2011


Our Own African Crisis

African Safaris (cheap and cheesy or well-planned and extravagant)As the US struggles with its own budget shortfalls and the "Obama buck" plummets further against international currency, many people are being faced with the same choices the government is needing to make.  Unfortunately for us, the travel industry, is often an indicator species for the global economy.Our industry has been in flux since the early problems evolved in the stock market. …

Family Travel is Not a Dirty Word

No rant needed from me this week as I think this letter from one of our guests speaks volumes about why families should travel and in particular with us :) Dear Brian We have been back for a few weeks and we've been re-living all the great moments.  Unfortunately, we only have 2000 photos so we have to go by memory for some things!  Now that life is finally settling…