“Guy Getaways”

There is a very interesting article I received about “Guy Getaways” in the Wall Street Journal.  It talks about extreme adventure escapes and mentions our good friends at Nimmo Bay.  However, I think the writer missed the mark on the difference between decadent luxurious wilderness getaways and extreme adventure.


Nimmo Bay is one of my favourite places on the planet but cannot seriously be considered cutting edge when the “hostesses tuck you in with blankets around the floating fire pit while serving you fine wines and single malt”.

Maybe just sitting at a fire pit is adventurous when compared to day-to-day existence in mid-town Manhattan, but for me, Manhattan seems far more scary!


Very nearby Nimmo, lies the Klinaklini River who’s expeditions are the very epitome of extreme.  Float planes, class V rapids, helicopters, hiking mountain tops, grizzlies and camping at the toe of glaciers… yes, that’s an extreme adventure.  However, I must confess that even on these trips you will eat rack of lamb and wash it down with a great Malbec – so perhaps I should not be so judgemental.  Ironically, we discovered the Klinaklini River in conjunction with Nimmo Bay.  (I think I should have some more humble pie after the lamb).


This September up at Bear Camp we are hosting a company called ReBoot.  They have developed a program that helps CEO’s cope with day-to-day challenges and transitioning.  They are combining the decadence of “glamping” at Bear Camp with an “Outward Bound-like” solo experience in the remote wilds of the Coast Mountains.   Neither is “extreme” but will be a lot of fun and the gorgeous topography helps people to be more present and insightful.

Nimmo, Bear Camp, the Klinaklini and all of the cool things listed in the article sound amazing whether you want to call it a “bro cation” or “guys getaway”.   However, I think the most interesting fact at the end of the day is that ROAM’s extreme adventurers are 56% female!