North America’s Most Beautiful River?

Some would argue that the Tashenshini-Alsek is North America’s most spectacular river.  I never hesitate to say it’s the World’s most scenic river trip.  The scenery at the put-in at Kluane National Park is stunning and the views improve exponentially every day.  Literally, every day, culminating at Alsek Lake where Mt Fairweather looms and two toes of the Alsek glacier and one toe of the Grand Plateau glacier stretches down to the water and calves icebergs before our very eyes.


There are many beautiful rivers.  And I would hazard to say that all rivers are beautiful.  However, the Tatshenshini-Alsek is truly in a league of its own.

Check out this latest scenic (albeit a little boring) OUTSIDE ONLINE video on the Tatshenshini.  It’s truly impossible to capture the majesty and grandeur of the world’s largest protected wilderness area, but it will give you a hint of the flavour to whet your appetite for ROAM’s full course serving Aug 14th or 29th  …